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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween jar & tag

I was invited to a bridal shower this past weekend and after striking out on their gift registry at Target, I decided to pick up this cool jar, fill it with Halloween candy and add a fun Halloween tag. I thought the happy couple might have fun using it on their first Halloween and then finding other fun uses for it. A few thoughts that came to my mind were: fill it with all that extra change to save for a fun vacation; put hubby's stinky socks in it; refill it with holiday candy; store old wine corks in it; or if you're a "Martha" type, fill it with something that looks really cool! You get the idea, right?!

I've been a frequent visitor of Michelle Wooderson's blog Mish Mash lately, and loving her shabby--vintage style, I wanted to put a little Mish Mash in the tag. I used the pumpkin from Carved & Candlelit and the kitty-cat from Ghostly Greetings, stamped onto Kraft paper. The sentiment is stamped on Old Olive and cut in banner-fashion, underscored with a row of dots from PaperTrey Ink's Faux Ribbon set. A jumbo eyelet at the top with a length of black hemp secures the tag to the wide twill bow. A bit of my favorite May Arts black/ivory striped grosgrain and a smattering of black ink with my color spritzer tool finishes it off. Not sure if I really captured Mish Mash style, but I was pleased with the result.


Anonymous said...

Why not??-----Great idea for a new married couple ---- HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Shawn said...

What a cool idea for newlyweds! I remember my first few holidays as a new bride. The decorations were sparse. Excellent idea!! Love the tag!!

Catherine said...

oh what a great idea and love that jar.

Anonymous said...

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