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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ahoy--a quickie!

Got your attention, didn't I?! You'll understand today's title in a minute. Friday morning, after a few hours of leisurely stamping on Thursday night (remember that detail), I awoke a little later than usual, but no problem, I'd gotten all my ducks in a row Thursday night. As I got out of bed, it hit me--I was supposed to have a cute little pirate card in hand for my friend, Barb, to give her grandson for his weekend *pirate* birthday party!! Moment of panic, deciding where to cut corners in order to get that pirate card finished before I shower, skip the shower, no I'd better shower, but it's Friday--who cares if I shower?! Aack!! Long story short: I did shower (a quickie), stamped a quickie pirate card and went to work with less than coiffed hair...what we do for our stamping passion and good friends, eh?!

Here's my quickie pirate card, using SU!'s Ahoy Matey, a bit of SU! patterned paper from the Simply Scrappin' Creative License kit and a rounded tab punched sentiment. I decided to *ix-na* any ribbon on this one to save time (obviously) and it's questionable nature on this 4 year old's birthday card because he's *all boy*!


Susan (susiestampalot) said...

oh yay! someone else that says "ix-nay"! we have now bonded.
great pirate card and glad to hear you showered. hair is overrated!

Mercy said...

this card is too cute!

i am one of your gsg sisters, and i have a belated bday card for you, but i don't have your address.

if you could email it to me that would be great...if not, i totally understand ;-)



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