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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Reverse Confetti Fall-idays: Christmas

Happy Fall-idays Christmas with Reverse Confetti

Jen and the Confetti Crew have tons of fun Christmas crafting ideas for you, so let's get started! Direct links to all blogs can be found at the end of this post.

I've got three projects to share with you today that feature the rounded rectangle die from Documented Confetti Cuts.  I intended for my holiday trio to be used as gift tags, but I really think you could use them for scrapping, Project Life or as mini-cards as there's plenty of room on the back for a hand written message.

magic reindeer food shaker | joy to the world | believe in santa

 I stamped my rounded rectangle with the wide single stripe from So Stripey and sentiment from Jolly Holiday, layered that cutie reindeer from Jolly Holiday and sewed a clear plastic rounded rectangle on top, leaving an opening for my magic reindeer food. My reindeer like gold stars, so I sprinkled a few of them in as well. Then I sewed the opening closed and added a bit more red with the Circle Garland Confetti Cuts.

I glammed this one up with gold washi tape, a gold clothespin and fun mix of Confetti Cuts - Winter Words, Globe, Double Scallop Garland and Stitched Flag Trio.

This one is my clean and simple abstract Santa featuring Confetti Cuts - Stitched Flag Trio, Holly and Wonky Double Edge Scallop Border. I had a question about how to die cut only one edge of the border, and it's called Partial Die Cutting, and it's accomplished by sandwiching only the portion of the die you want to cut through your cardstock. In this case I used the top plate to cover only the side/half of the wonky scallop that I wanted to cut my Santa beard.
You can view a tutorial on SCS HERE.

Amy K.
Amy S.
Amy R. (me!)
Jen/Reverse Confetti

I hope you've been inspired for the upcoming holidays and have enjoyed our projects! Thank you for stopping by and enjoy hopping around to the rest of the Confetti Crew blogs for even more inspiration.


~amy~ said...

Love your PL cards...they're wonderful! Such awesome details!

Pam Sparks said...

oh man! I love what you've come up with here Amy! Thee cutest ideas! THX so much for the inspiration!

cm said...

Your three minis have planted a smile allll over my face! Cute and classy! The little reindeer...oh my goodness! A most delightful shaker!

Pam Young said...

Wow!! I love your projects!! They are so clever. I love what you did with the globe, but was totally amazed by the believe card!! Genius!! Thanks so much for all the inspiration!!

Leigh Penner said...

Fabulous! I especially love how you used the globe -- so creative!

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