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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Moose You in Alaska!

I'm always reminding myself to find the good in every situation...I'm a work in takes alot of reminding! Anyway, having my daughter way far away in Alaska has made me realize (here's the good) that her current location is serving for some fun inspiration: moose, trees, snow, more snow, more see, right? Ü

Here's the laundry list:
Have a great weekend!


Valerie said...

So cute! I missed that she is in Alaska....yay for the inspiration points, nay for the distance!

Rachel W K said...

Such a gorgeous card with texture at every inch! Alaska is a great inspiration :)

Julie Marshall said...

Great colors and I'm lovin' this tree die more and more. I think it's officially on my Wish List :)


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