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Thursday, October 21, 2010

George's {Leaf Man} Cow

I just had to pop in today to share a fun little project George and I made yesterday after reading Louis Ehlert's Leaf Man. We had a great time hunting for leaves and creating our own cow like the one in the book. If you stop here regularly, you probably know how {in love} George is with cows...we have cows everywhere, and now a cool leaf cow to add to his collection.

Here is the book cover...

Now...if anyone knows where I can find a cow costume in a size 4-5, please help me along...I've had absolutely no luck finding one in George's size. Everything I've seen in the stores and online fits up to 18 months or adults. Might have to seek out a pattern and try my hand at sewing one...eek!

Have a great Thursday!


Julie Campbell said...

OK... now we're on the hunt for this book! What a great fall project! My son is really excited to try it out!

Kimberly Gajewski said...

Well done George! What a FABULOUS cow you've created! It looks so real!! It's a great book! In fact, we just read this story at my school yesterday! Good luck with the costume hunt Amy! :D

Sharli said...

The leaf cow is awesome - NICE WORK George!

Amy - I made a 101 Dalmation costume years ago that could have worked for a cow with adjustment - I used inexpensive white sweatpants/top and cut uneven circles from black felt and glued them onto the sweats. With a cap to supply the right ears, and a cow bell - - - oh! Right. That would look like a dairy cow. Nevermind.

LOL - Hugs!

Lori Craig said...

Super sweet project! Hi George! Your COW ROCKS! :)

Leigh OBrien said...

What an awesome leaf cow and Georgie just could mot be any more adorable!!!

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