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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One of these things is not like the others... of these things just doesn't belong, can you tell which thing is not like the others by the time I finish my song? Just a little Sesame Street fun for you this morning along with two baby cards that while very similar, are a bit different. The reason they are a bit different is that this set is going to friends who have adorable twin boys, so I wanted to make a card for each; similar but individual all the same--just like their babes!

Nursery Necessities is probably my most favorite set to use for baby cards, the sailboat stamp in particular. I love paper piecing it, and the actual boat piece is so easy to do when you use your 1 1/4" circle stamp to cut out the boat portion...follow? If you're like me, you sometimes need more 'splainin: stamp boat image on back of desired patterned paper; line up circle punch with stamped boat; trim flat/top of boat with scissors.

You might notice a familiarity with this sketch and that's because it's last Saturday's SFYTT designed by Jen de Muro--love it! I extended the horizontal layer to the edge of the card base, just because it felt right. The patterned paper is from a fun paper/embellishment pack from Target and I just love it! SU! papers in Soft Sky, Old Olive, So Saffron and Kiwi Kiss matched the patterned paper just perfectly making me a happy girl!

Ok, so back to the Sesame Street song...there are technically 4 differences between the two, so let's have fun and say that I'll send you a little sumpin' if you leave a comment and can identify all 4 differences. Here are closeup shots of each:

Have fun and thanks for playing along...


Pegg S said...

This is very funny because our friends this past weekend introduced us to a computer game called photo hunt. This is essentially the game - finding differences btw 2 photos!!! :) Both are beautiful cards!
My guess is: Row of paper piercing, sentiment wording, sentiment layer is longer on one, and green matting is darker color and longer on the left card.

Michelle said...

Both are beautiful. Here's my guess: the wave pierced below the boat, the different banner shape, the different sentiments and size/placement of the white cardstock with the sailboat

Vicki Burdick said...

These are so cute!!!

My guess is:

1. sentiments are different
2. sentiment banners are different
3. piercing on only one under the boat
4. star BG panel are different sizes.

Kelly Lunceford said...

These are so sweet Amy! I love them!
That Paper is to die for! I think I may be heading to Target today! LOL! These are perfect for little twin boys!

Anonymous said...

Oh these are too adorable! The differences I see are:

1. Paper piercing below boat on one.
2. Main matted image is lower on the "Rock-a-bye baby"
3. Sentiment is different
4. Flag is different on both, one is longer than the other.

Terri said...

Very cute card. Here are the differences:
1. Paper piercing bellow the boat
2. Darker paper behind the layers on the first card
3. Different saying on each card
4. Tags are different lengths

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you - NN is my fave and I LOVE paper piecing that boat too! You did a fabulous job and both of the cards are super cute. Love them!

carole (TruCarMa) said...

SUCH adorable cards!!! Love your stuff, girlfriend! And I love this little game. I always look forward to the one in the back of People magazine (I'm very highbrow, you know...) Okay. Here goes:

1. Row of piercing beneath the boat on the left
2. Sentiment banner is longer on the card on the left
3. Blue background border (of base cardstock) is bigger on the right.
4. Image panel on the right is set beneath the polka dot panel.

Anonymous said...

I just love the cards very cute!!!

Here it goes

1. Row of piercing beneath one of the boats
2. Sentiment banner different sizes
3. Different Sentiments
4. Image panel w/boat are set different (one sits higher and the other sits lower on the polka dot panel). Love your stuff, Candice

Unknown said...

Adorable cards! How cheery!
1) paper piercing;
2) embossed dots on background of right (second card);
3) the image panel is at a different heights; and
4) different sentiments

I used to LOVE these little puzzles!
-TFS all your great stuff!
Melissa (moster)

Anonymous said...

Aren't twins fun? When I make baby cards, I use the saying,"I hear your house has grown by two feet." It cracks me up everytime I use it. For twins it would be "four feet," LOL Anyways, the differences are:

1) different sentiments
2) paper piercing on one under boat
3) placement of sentiment tag is different on both
4) placement of main image is different on both

Now I have that Seasame Street song in my head!! TFS

Carol said...

Nursery Necessities is one of my favorite sets these days. I'm expecting, so I've been playing with it a lot!

Here are the differences I found:
1) paper piercing under the boat on the left card and not on the right
2) different sentiments
3) the sentiment panel starts to the left of the white panel on the left card and at the edge of the white panel on the right card
4) the white panel extends past the polka-dot paper on the right card but not on the left card
5) I know you said there were only 4, but the green matting looks like different colors to me (old olive on the left and kiwi kiss on the right), but it could just be my computer screen.

Anonymous said...

I love your little paper-pieced boats!! Super-cute!


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