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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bottle Scarves

A month or so ago, my sister showed me this adorable and easy-to-make wine bottle scarf on Zakka Life, and she and I talked about making a few when she came home for Thanksgiving. Well, I got a head start and showed you THIS one I'd made for my SIL's 40th birthday last week. While my sister was home for Thanksgiving, we made a few more, and now I'm a bit addicted!

Today I'm showing you a few more of the flower version in various color combos, including these ever so cool crumpled flower versions. I saw the idea for the crumpled flower on Leigh O'Brien's blog, who'd seen them on Dawn McVey's blog, who got the original idea from Wendy Smedley. I scaled down my version of the flower using a small Cuttlebug scalloped flower die and also a smaller Nestabilities scallop circle. I like the version using the CB die a little bit better because the scallops are bit more pronounced (the flower using the CB die is on the pink scarf). Here are a few of my favorites...

Now, I have to tell you, these cute little scarves aren't JUST for wine bottles--they work perfectly for bottles of,! They make great beer bottle charms (is that an oxymoron, or what?!)...a great way to keep someone from sipping yer brew, and I can say that from experience, snort!

Stay tuned for snowflake versions tomorrow, and on Tuesday I'll have a few more, of the "Swanky" version!

Just a little note about the felt: I found that the 100% polyester felt did not cut as well with my dies. I had better luck with some old felt I had lying around in a bag (for years), but I don't know what it is made of. I do know that it feels softer and smoother than the 100% polyester felt, so I'm guessing it has a bit of cotton? If anyone has any other input, please leave me a comment and let me know.


JeanFB said...

These are so sweet and festive - great idea! As far as die-cutting felt, for detailed images like snowflakes, I have had good luck with the really stiff felt-type product that the big box craft stores sell. I don't think I've ever tried pure cotton.

Lori Craig said...

Too! Too! Cute! :) Love your scarves, Amy.

Leslie said...

so cute.

Papertrails by a paper lover said...

these are so cute! What an adorable idea to make little scarves for the bottles!

kawaii crafter said...

Oh, I think your version is far cuter than mine. I like how you added flowers to the scarves, very pretty. Thank you for sharing the link with your readers :)




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