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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ed's Birthday!

I'm going to show you two cards are for my DH's birthday (today!) and I worked on them this morning during George's naptime. I'll start off with the card I gave DH followed by George's card for his *da-da*!

The reason for the *fishing* themed card is that DH is going fishing next weekend, sort of a belated birthday *thing* all understand, right?! Ü

This is George's card to his Daddy...two pictures of the two of them. I think their favorite thing is spending time with each other.

Here's George's signature...

Happy Birthday Ed!


shel9999 said...

Oh my gosh, Amy, these are BOTH adorable!!! I LOVE the one with the pics and handprint! TOO cute!!! And I love the hat and fish on the Riley card. Fantastic-both!!! Happy bd to your hubby!

Valerie said...

Amy, I *adore* the handprint, what a fun way to record George's growth through the years!

HB to your hubby!

Christina Fischer said...

Oh Amy -- these are just so sweet! I just aaaaaawwwwwwed out loud! :)

Hope he had a great day! :)

Erika H. said...

Those both are so adorable. I love George's "signature" sweet.


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