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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sugar & Spice

Jen gave us a fun sketch to work with this week, and I decided I'd get a head start on my niece's birthday card using it. My niece is definitely sugar & spice, and she's sort of into horses (what 7 year old girl isn't though, eh?!), so I combined two Cornish Heritage Farm sets, For The Men and Little Gal. I also dug through my stash of patterned paper to find this retired SU! Rebecca paper pack. Not a whole lotta stamping here, but sometimes less is more!

You can look for more sketch inspiration over at Jen's blog as well as the original sketch. She and Becca no doubt have some fabulous cards ready for your viewing pleasure. Then scoot over to the other sugar & spice gals on the SFYTT team to see what they've been up to!


Have a great weekend all!


~amy~ said...

Soooo Sweet! Love the dp and colors!

Katie Skiff said...

That is the cutest fav colors and paisleys!! Yum! Also, we used to have a team of horses, Sugar and Spice. Sugar is gone, and Spice is just living out her last years on the more work.

Good job and TFS!

Jessie/knightrone said...

I LOVE this!! To cute!!

Kelly Lunceford aka.atomicbutterfly said...

This is sugar and spice and all things nice!!! I love the horses! I also love that old paper...I love how you showed it again to remind me to get some of my old ones out again! I always love seeing what you do. I love the projects you made for PMS, too! I think that top note is going to need to come and live at my house! TFS

Amy Sheffer said...

How awesome is this, Amy?!?! You rocked the sketch - that's for sure!

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