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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jumbo Birthday Surprise!

I'm so excited to share something with you! It started out with a little birthday gift for a co-worker and turned into a little, or should I say *jumbo* birthday ensemble. First, I'll show you the ensemble which is the birthday card and a *jumbo* sour cream container which holds the *jumbo* birthday surpise.

Below is a shot of the card; I had taken a picture of the sour cream container solo, but somehow I lost it! The sour cream container is made from a 6x8 inch piece of designer paper, crimped on each end and finished up with a tag featuring a stamps from PTI's Faux Ribbon set. For detailed instructions on how to create your own sour cream container, click here for SCS's awesome tutorial.

Are you ready for the surprise?! You haven't guessed it yet?? Well, of course, it's a set of *jumbo* paper clips! You've seen these decorated in numerous ways, so my jumbo clips are nothing *new*, but I wanted to show them to you anyhow! The story behind these clips goes like this: my co-worker uses these to clip her ever-changing schedule to her shirt (I'm not kidding!), and she wore out the last one I gave her. So, being her birthday and all, I created a set that will last her from September 1st through January or so. I think I'll make her another spring-summer set for Christmas, he he! If you're wondering what the heck the clip on the right is supposed to be, it's our school letters along with our mascot: Spring Valley Cardinals. I think she'll get a kick out of least I did!

Thanks for tagging along today...stop by again soon!


Jessie/knightrone said...

How fantastic!!! I love them!!

Jessica said...

I love your gift for your friend!! Those clips are adorable - as is the card. She loved them, I'm sure.


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