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Thursday, April 17, 2014

MFT Wednesday Stamp Club 172

Welcome to the current Wednesday Stamp Club sketch post with My Favorite Things! You'll find complete WSC challenge details along with the original sketch over at the MFT Blog, AND direct links to everyone playing along, which equals inspiration avenue!

I took the opportunity to use a few leftover scraps that were just lying around (on, under, behind, etc.) my stamping 'area', and put them together to come up with a Sex in the City meets Heart of Texas type Christmas card, ha! I know - perfect timing for a Christmas card when Easter is three days away!

The cityscape is from the latest and greatest You're Super, and the sentiment is from a tried and true Seasonal Sentiments.

I added a bit of texture embossing the Green Gumdrop layer with Stencil Stripes, and then finished it off with Primitive White stars from Centerpieces Congratulations Shaker and Sun, Moon & Stars Die-namics.

The inside uses more elements of Sun, Moon & Stars, along with another cityscape in Electric Red ink on Red Hot card stock.

Please look to the bottom of this post for a complete list of MFT products used on today's card. I hope you get a chance to play along with this week's sketch for your chance to win a voucher for the MFT store.


Joy said...

Great Christmas card Amy, love your take on the sketch, hugs

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