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Monday, January 20, 2014

MFT Creative Challenge - Spell It Out!

Personalization is one of the perks of making your own paper-crafted 'stuff', and this month's Creative Challenge with the MFT Design Team is all about that - personalizing your project using MFT's amazing alphabet stamps and Die-namics!

I've got two projects to share with you today - a mini album for 'someone' in my family who is soon traveling to Paris (yeah, baby!) and a fun little card using a saying you've probably heard from this song. Ü

Let's start off with that country song inspired card which also happens to use some shiny cardboard up-cycled from my youngest son's tractor meets country!

I used Typewriter Alphabet in Sweet Tooth pigment ink for the first part of the sentiment, High Rise Alphabet Lowercase Die-namics for 'shine' and Negative Dot Alphabet in Lemon Drop card stock to finish off the sentiment.

Inside is a quick and easy sentiment in Steel Grey ink from Cheerful Blessings.

My second project is a mini album for my niece who is traveling to Paris in a couple months - lucky girl! She loves to document everything in pictures as does her mom, so I hope she'll enjoy using this little mini.

I've left the inside pages simply stamped with lots of room for pictures and journaling. Laina Lamb's Expand Your View provided perfect sentiments.

Extra pages and other memorabilia can be easily added to the book ring binding.

Although a bit hard to see, the last page is embossed with the Eiffel Tower Die-namics for a subtle finish.

I hope you've enjoyed my personalized projects for this month's Spell It Out challenge. The rest of Team MFT has plenty more to share, so be sure to check out everyone's projects following the links at the MFT Blog.  Direct links to all MFT products used on my projects is listed below for easy peasy access.


Marcia Taylor said...

Both projects are so CUTE! Especially like the mini album and the embossed Eiffel Tower is such a wonderful touch.

Lucinde said...

Great card! Love that it really 'shines' :)

Tracey said...

Loving the upcycled 'shine' on your card!!! And the mini album is awesome!!

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