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Monday, March 11, 2013

hello {sunshine}

Even though I just got 'the call' to say my school district is starting 2 hours late this morning, and I usually l.o.v.e. late starts and snow days, it's just getting a little ridic this year. I'm SO ready for spring, so I decided to take my 'late start' time and put together a little sunshine-y card to get me back into spring mode thinking!

I love this 'overdue' stamp from Laina Lamb's newest MFT set, Library Card, and thought it was a no-brainer for my ode to spring, since most everyone is usually clamoring for spring by the time it finally arrives. A cheery 'hello' die cut from the High-Rise Lowercase Alphabet is combined with a Flat-Bottom Cloud in cork board and Sunshine in its proverbial sunshine yellow. Ü

My 'late start' is coming to a proverbial end here, so I'd better scoot on into work-mode. Happy Monday!

1 comment:

Julia Aston said...

What a fun school card Amy! love the sun and cloud!


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